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No More PDF Templates!

Don't rely on clients filling out paper templates. It doesn't inspire engagement and you easily lose touch. Convert your template into a digital Wheel of Life to reduce friction, save time, and even print it for in-person discussions. Focus on what you do best - helping people.

More Discovery Calls

Not everyone who visits your website will have the courage to book a discovery call right off the bat. They want to get to know you first. Your digital Wheel of Life becomes that bridge and a soft landing pad. It encourages prospects to take the next step.

Create Evergreen Content

Tired of the endless cycle of generating eBooks, blogs, videos and newsletters? Now build deep, long term relationships by effortlessly designing your content calendar around the topics emerging from your digital assessment.

Build Trust

When you engage and help people in a personalized way, you build trust. You also become a reference anchor in their minds. They'll return to you even as they comparison shop if you have established yourself in their minds as a trusted expert. It's just science!

How it works

Just 3 simple steps. No new content required.

1.Start With Your
Existing Content
Use our template and tailor with your own material so it is unique to you.
2.Sculpt Your
Wheel of Life
Use the defaults or further customize - colors, images, and giveaways.
3.Engage & Grow!
Reach out to your audience. Put it on your website. Be the partner they'll trust to reach their goals with.

What Coaches Are Saying

“I coach aspiring immigrant executives and entrepreneurs who have a growth mindset and want to break through obstacles and thrive. Not everyone wants to get on a discovery call right away so I created the Happiness Quiz using Evalinator. This starts a personalized dialog and is a nice way to engage prospects at their own pace.”

Genki Coaching Performance Coaching

“We coach C-suite clients. Evalinator enables our thought leadership to be experienced by them first hand. They love to see benchmark information and what they can do to improve. And that's where we come in to help.”

Spiria Inc Enabling Talent Transformation
Your Expertise Deserves It
Grow Your Business
Get digital and reach out. Place this interactive assessment on your website to provide a soft landing pad for your prospects as they decide whether to book a discovery call with you. You can include advice that showcases your expertise to instill confidence. Integrate it with your email marketing platform too if you use one.

Your Wheel of Life can show scores and advice per question, or it can roll up multiple questions into categories or dimensions. The interaction builds trust and establishes you as a reference anchor in their minds.

Your interactive and digital Wheel of Life helps you focus on what you do best - helping people with their goals.

You can create it for any kind of coaching - life, business, management, or career. Help prospects and clients achieve balance and clarity.
Build Your Email List
Add a gate that requests email addresses of respondents. Make it optional or keep it mandatory. Integrate your assessment with your email marketing platform if you use one so your email sequences can have even more calls to action.

Incentivize users with an offer of sending them additional details such as benchmarking or Question by Question analysis.

When prospects expect something that can be helpful to them they generally have no problem providing their email address. And you know you can uphold that trust because your followups will always be personalized thanks to the information you have through the digital Wheel of Life!

Try it yourself - See how a Wheel of Life works

Your Wheel of Life
Use this to help your clients balance their lives. Customize it easily for your requirements. A wheel of life is a powerful way to diagnose satisfaction with various facets of life such as family, wealth, friends, giving among others.
Your Wheel of Business
Use this to help your clients with their professional aspirations. Customize it easily for your requirements. A variation of the wheel of life, see how business and career coaches can create an assessment that applies the concept to business themes such as growth, leadership etc.
Features of Each Wheel of Life
Match Your Branding
Customize to match the branding of your business - colors, logo, images. Embed your interactive and digital Wheel of Life on your own website. Make it your own so your customers have a consistent experience with you & your brand.
Offer Benchmarks
Your digital Wheel of Life can automatically present a chart that helps respondents see how they fare vis-a-vis others. You can do this by age range, profession, or anything else you might want to set up.
Add Dimensions
Sometimes you want to group questions into dimensions. Do that easily by mapping multiple questions to each arm of your Wheel of Life.
Mobile Ready
Rest assured that your Wheel of Life will work on mobile, web, tablets and anywhere else your customers are. We regularly test and support multiple kinds of browsers and devices.
Question by Question Analysis
Present your expertise by offering advice per question or dimension. That way clients see what actions are available to them to make a change. Build a natural flow that ensourages them to book a discovery session.
Keep your Data Private
We understand your need for confidentiality. Your data is not shared with any one else. Each customer's data is visible only to them and you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How long does it take to create my assessment?

  1. If you use our predefined templates, you can customize and publish your assessment in as little as 30 minutes. The timing will depend on how much you want to customize your assessment.

Q Are all features available during the trial?

  1. Yes, all features are available for 14 days.

Q What happens if I decide NOT to subscribe after 14 days?

  1. If you decide not to subscribe after 14 days, you can still choose to keep your assessment active. However, the email collection form will no longer be shown to your clients. So they can still take your assessment but won't have to provide their email address. That means you won't know who took the assessment. If you don't want your clients to continue to access the assessment, you may simply remove it from your website.

Q Can I host my assessment on my own website?

  1. Yes you can! That is often the best experience for your clients. And while you set that up, you can still use the URL we provide you to begin engaging your clients because you can customize the colors to match your website.

Q What email marketing integrations are available?

  1. You can collect email addresses, and Evalinator will automatically send them to the email marketing platform that you choose. We integrate today with Active Campaign, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Hubspot, Keap by Infusionsoft, Mail Chimp, and MailerLite. If you do not have an email marketing platform, your data will be kept within Evalinator for you to easily access and engage with your respondents. Your data is visible only to you. See our privacy policy.

Q I don't use an email marketing platform. Can I stil use Evalinator?

  1. Yes you can. If you do not use an email marketing platform, your data will be kept within Evalinator for you to easily access and engage with your respondents. Your data is visible only to you. See our privacy policy.

Q Is my data private?

  1. Yes, your data is only visible to you. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

Q Can I sign up for only one month?

  1. Yes, our plans are monthly and you can cancel anytime.

Q How do I cancel my account?

  1. You can do that from your dashboard. We make it very easy and hassle free for you.

Grow Your Business. Create Your Wheel of Life in 30 Minutes

Ideal for coaches. Try risk free for 14 days. Engage clients in a personalized conversation.