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What our Clients are Saying

“I coach aspiring immigrant executives and entrepreneurs who have a growth mindset and want to break through obstacles and thrive. Not everyone wants to get on a discovery call right away so I created the Happiness Quiz using Evalinator. This starts a personalized dialog and is a nice way to engage prospects at their own pace.”

Genki Coaching Performance Coaching

“As an agency, it is important to build customer confidence. Evalinator instantly does that. We highlight best practices in multiple aspects of digital marketing in our assessment, and we are able to stay in touch individually using personalized insights.”

Start Designs Digital & Creative Agency

“We coach C-suite clients. Evalinator enables our thought leadership to be experienced by them first hand. They love to see benchmark information and what they can do to improve. And that's where we come in to help.”

Spiria Inc Enabling Talent Transformation

“We created an assessment on Serverless to engage clients. Our top of the funnel approach is to drive people to it so we can begin the dialog based on our expertise. That also helps us optimize the lead qualification and nurturing process.”

Anstack Full Stack Serverless Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How long does it take to create my assessments?

  1. If you use our predefined templates, you can customize and publish your assessments in as little as 30 minutes. The timing will depend on how much you want to customize and add to your assessments. These may include gathering the right pictures, modifying the questions etc. You can edit your assessments as many times as you need to so your first iteration is not set in stone.

Q Can you help me create my assessments?

  1. Yes, we are here to help. We know using a new system can be difficult with so many other items you are juggling already. Just send us the information needed (the assessment you have in mind, questions, pictures, etc), and we will create your assessment for you. Then you can put the finishing touches, approve it, and get ready to launch!

Q Are all features available during the trial?

  1. Yes, all features are available for the trial period.

Q What happens if I decide NOT to continue after the trial?

  1. If you decide not to continue after the trial period, you can simply cancel your subscription online and remove the assessments from your website.

Q Can I host my assessments on my own website?

  1. Yes you can! That is often the best experience for your clients. And while you set that up, you can still use the URL we provide you to begin engaging your clients immediately.

Q What email marketing integrations are available?

  1. Your assessment will automatically collect email addresses, and Evalinator will automatically send them to the email marketing platform that you choose. We integrate through the Zapier ecosystem that is connected to most marketing automation and CRM platforms. You can also choose to send the information to a Google spreadsheet or email. If you do not have an email marketing platform, the information will still be within Evalinator for you to easily access and engage with your respondents. The information from your assessment is only visible to you. See our privacy policy.

Q I don't use an email marketing platform. Can I still use Evalinator?

  1. Yes you can. If you do not use an email marketing platform, the information will be kept within Evalinator for you to easily access and engage with your respondents. The information from your assessment is only visible to you. See our privacy policy.

Q Is my data private?

  1. Yes, the information from your assessment is only visible to you and your respondents, and is not shared with anyone else. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details. We will also comply with the European GDPR rules.

Q Can I sign up for only one month?

  1. Yes, our plans are monthly and you can cancel anytime.

Q What is the limit on the number of responses on the assessments?

  1. The base plan covers up to 100 new responses per month across all your assessments. If you need a higher limit, just let us know and we'll upgrade you to a higher tier.

Q How do I cancel my account?

  1. You can simply do that from your dashboard. We make it hassle free for you.

How it works

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