Types of Assessments You Can Create

Assessments can be of multiple types. Here is a quick summary of the 4 types that Evalinator helps you create.

Assessment with benchmarks:

This is the most popular assessment. Respondents will answer a series of questions and will receive a total score. Based on that total score, they will be mapped to a rating scale. For example, those scoring between 70 to 100 points will be ranked “Superstars”, those between 40-70 may be ranked “Blitz Ready”, and those below 40 points may be ranked as “Bootcamp time”. The expert will then help each respondent improve upon their current status through goal setting.

The assessment will show you how you compare to others in the form of a bar chart or radar chart. It is meant as a guide to examine your performance vis-a-vis your peers. For example, it might show aspiring authors how they compare to other aspiring authors in the key areas of assessment (e.g. 60% of other authors also had trouble maintaining a writing schedule).

Personality Quiz

This is a special type of a quiz that does not focus on improvement on the quiz topic itself, but focuses on self introspection. For example, what’s your style of leadership, what kind of social work may suit you best, or what’s your your learning style.

You can’t change what you are, but the expert can then help you achieve your goals based on this assessment. However, this quiz does show you how many others matched your personality type. For example, 75% of other marketers in your sector also rated being growth focused.

Assessment without benchmarks

This is an assessment that purely focuses on self-introspection and does not slot you into any kind of rating. For example, life or career coaches may use thisĀ  as they help you balance the multiple aspects of your life such as family, career, social relationships etc.

The results you get will simply show you what you think your score is on the multiple topics in the assessment. The quiz will not compare you to others but will bring out the imbalances in the various aspects the assessment measures. For example, it looks like both family and career are at an area of concern, while social relationships are not. This then sets the stage for the next step of the coach helping you with achieving better balance.

Of course, each topic can be of multiple types, and sometimes experts can create 2 different types of quizzes on the same topic to meet their needs better. There is no one size that fits us all!