Integrate Using Zapier


Integrate Using Zapier

Day 1 of the 7 Day Challenge: The Strategy

Your interactive lead magnet is an online assessment (feels very much like a quiz) that provides instant results and also shows how your prospects are doing vis-a-vis their peers. It’s best to always start with strategy. Today, you will choose the topic of your interactive lead magnet and detail it out a bit . After … Continue reading "Day 1 of the 7 Day Challenge: The Strategy"

Online Wheel of life – What It Is and How to Create Your Own

An Online Wheel of Life (or even one on paper) is an excellent tool that can be used by coaches to get a comprehensive idea of how an individual is presently balancing all the different facets of their life. (You can also create a Wheel of Business, Leadership or Health, or anything else you think … Continue reading "Online Wheel of life – What It Is and How to Create Your Own"

5 Simple Marketing Strategies for Coaches

Marketing strategies for coaches generally depend on the type of coaching you do and the kind of clients you serve. But there are some best practices that will yield results if you do them consistently. Marketing in many respects is about a) building confidence and trust even as you b) increase awareness of your services. … Continue reading "5 Simple Marketing Strategies for Coaches"

5 Best Practices for Coaches – How to Use a Wheel of Life

How to use a Wheel of Life? As coach, a Wheel of Life is a powerful tool available to you to help clients see where they are and where to go from there. We are listing 5 best practices to follow when using a Wheel of Life. 1. Focus on happiness, not desire Often when … Continue reading "5 Best Practices for Coaches – How to Use a Wheel of Life"

Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator

Your email list is often your only way to communicate with your prospects and customers. And you are probably already using an email providers such as MailChimp or ConvertKit. Evalinator not only helps build up your list, but also takes your email personalization to a whole new level. And that means more engagement! Evalinator connects … Continue reading "Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator"

Interactive Wheel of Life for Coaches!

As a coach you help your clients explore and come up with the answers. A great tool to enable this is the “Wheel of Life“. Now, you can create your own digital and custom Wheel of Life assessment to engage your clients. No more printing paper templates or sending PDF documents to clients! Start risk … Continue reading "Interactive Wheel of Life for Coaches!"

Setup Your Custom Wheel of Life

If you are a coach or a consultant, then a Wheel of Life is an excellent tool to have your clients see where they stand on multiple dimensions of their life or business. That awareness becomes the first step towards making changes and / or improving. You can use a Wheel of Life as a … Continue reading "Setup Your Custom Wheel of Life"

4 Wheel of Life Template Variations for Coaches

Here are 4 nice variations of the Wheel of Life template. You don't have to print paper wheels. Just create them online and engage clients digitally.

Integrating Constant Contact With Evalinator

How to easily integrate Constant Contact with Evalinator

MailerLite Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing

MailerLite integration with Evalinator is a breeze. In just a couple of minutes you will be ready to send prospects who take an assessment on Evalinator to MailerLite. A custom field will be flagged so you can then define the automation you like. For example, you can create a series of emails with helpful information … Continue reading "MailerLite Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing"

Integrating ActiveCampaign

How to easily integrate ActiveCampaign with Evalinator

Scoring Options for Your Interactive Assessment

Evalinator provides you with a lot of flexibility and scoring options for your interactive assessment or quiz.  You also have different types of assessments and option settings available to you. One of those many ways is to provide different question types and scoring methodologies. Several combinations are possible using these scoring options below. Single Selection … Continue reading "Scoring Options for Your Interactive Assessment"

Options and Settings For Your Assessment

You can customize and tailor your assessment to provide an optimal experience to your respondents. Since Evalinator aims to offer you a lot of control in how you can configure your assessment, we often preset these settings with “most expected values”.  For example, for “Personality” type assessments, the question by question analysis section on the … Continue reading "Options and Settings For Your Assessment"

Hubspot Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing

In this post we will outline the steps needed for Hubspot Integration with Evalinator. Hubspot is the leading enterprise grade, all-in-one marketing automation & CRM tool. It has exceptional lead scoring and nurturing management capabilities. These capabilities are nicely complimented by Evalinator which enables you to connect the efforts of the marketing team (lead generation … Continue reading "Hubspot Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing"

Why You Should Add Interactive Content to Your Marketing Mix?

What is interactive content for B2B marketing? The traditional definition of interactive content is that we create content that gets readers to engage and interact with our content. As a result, we can improve the effectiveness of our B2B marketing activities instead of slogging away at producing an endless stream of offers to get customers … Continue reading "Why You Should Add Interactive Content to Your Marketing Mix?"

Customizing the Colors for Your Interactive Assessment on Evalinator

Before publishing, you’ll likely want to customize the colors you use in your assessment so that they match with the branding of your website or logo. Evalinator allows you to do just that. In this post we’ll highlight the steps you should take and some gotchas as you start with this process. RGB or Hex … Continue reading "Customizing the Colors for Your Interactive Assessment on Evalinator"

Create Better Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

If you are looking to improve your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) process, and also your lead nurturing process, you have come to the right place. Fact: 97% of the leads from marketing are not useful to sales(1). Most firms in B2B selling and B2B marketing are finding it more and more complex to set up … Continue reading "Create Better Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)"

3 Simple Steps To Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Tired of top 25 or top 50 tips to generate more traffic that expect you to be a superhero? Let’s face it. You need results NOW. You don’t want a management consulting slide deck that outlines a strategy that is simply not feasible – not everyone can guest post, or create multiple landing pages, do … Continue reading "3 Simple Steps To Generate More Traffic to Your Website"

What is Consultative Selling and How to Bridge the Gap?

Consultative selling has often been associated with building trust, adding value, and being customer-centric. It is often compared to transactional selling where you position your products and services, and discuss with the customers if they need them. Contrary to popular opinion, it is NOT an either-or situation. Both types of selling are needed at different … Continue reading "What is Consultative Selling and How to Bridge the Gap?"