Online Wheel of life – What It Is and How to Create Your Own

How to create your own Wheel of Life

An Online Wheel of Life (or even one on paper) is an excellent tool that can be used by coaches to get a comprehensive idea of how an individual is presently balancing all the different facets of their life. (You can also create a Wheel of Business, Leadership or Health, or anything else you think is relevant for your client base.)

Interactive assessment - wheel of life

Generally a Wheel Of Life has 8-10 categories. The categories cover both personal and professional aspects of one’s life. At the end of the exercise an individual can clearly see the areas of prioritization, and can decide how to make a change supported by their coach.

An Online Wheel of Life exercise can also be done on paper. Doing it digitally obviously has additional advantages such as easy access to make updates or set goals, and not having to carry around paper copies.  You can experience a digital Wheel of Life here. And you can create your own digital wheel of life here on Evalinator.

Common categories in a Wheel of Life

The common categories used in wheel are as follows:

  1. Career
  2. Financial health
  3.  Family
  4. Fun & leisure
  5. Friends
  6. Personal growth
  7. Giving
  8. Health
  9. Marriage
  10. Environment

In each of these categories the individual would rate themselves on a scale of 1-10. At the end of the exercise, the Wheel of Life would show individuals where some of the imbalances could be. And if there are any interactions between two categories.

Wheel of Life - goal settingFor example, if an individual feels they are struck in their career and are slowly falling behind they might rate themselves a 3.  And if they are satisfied, progressing rapidly, and earning at the top of their peer group then they might rate themselves a 10. A low rank in marriage (feeling of being loved and supported) may also appear together with a decrease in the rating on career or health. A coach will then help pinpoint if the two facets are independent, or related and then help you set goals to get to where you need to be. The target state is up to the individual of course, and the goals can be both short and long term.

A Wheel of Life is a deceptively simple tool. If you put enough thought into it, and if you have a coach who asks probing questions to help you drop your guard, its a fantastic way to take some focused action to improve your state of overall well being.

An Online or Digital Wheel of Life

Coaches can create a digital Wheel of Life here to use with their clients. Once created, it can be used with all your clients. Only you and each individual client has access to the ratings and goals you help them set. In addition, you can adjust or change the categories as you like, and also adjust the colors of the Wheel to match your brand. You can even embed it on your own website so that your clients have a seamless experience. For those coaches who offer a complimentary discovery session, the online Wheel of Life is a very good low barrier way for prospective clients to start a relationship with you and build trust.

Here are some example Wheels for you to try:

  1. Example Wheel of Life
  2. Example Wheel of Business

And here’s a nice reference blog we hope will be useful to you.

Next Steps

See how a digital or online Wheel of Life can help make it easier for you engage your clients, and also build trust with prospective clients who come across your website. Sign up for a risk free 21 day trial.