Interactive Wheel of Life for Coaches!

Wheel of Life for coaches

As a coach you help your clients explore and come up with the answers. A great tool to enable this is the “Wheel of Life“.

Now, you can create your own digital and custom Wheel of Life assessment to engage your clients. No more printing paper templates or sending PDF documents to clients! Start risk free here with a 21 day trial period.

Interactive Wheel of Life on Evalinator

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A Wheel of Life has multiple dimensions that clients assess themselves on. They mark how well they think they are performing, or how satisfied they are on these dimensions.

For example:

  • Life coaches address dimensions such as career, family, friendships, financial security etc.
  • Business coaches could look at leadership, sales, marketing, people, customer service etc.
  • Career coaches might examine culture fit, skills, growth, executive presence, story telling etc.

How We Use the Wheel of Life Today

wheel of life paperMost coaches would use a static wheel of life today. They’ll have the client print out a template, fill it out, and then begin the discussion and exploration. The end result is great. It gets the job done.

But it does not help with an engagement outside of the office. People need goals and constant motivation. So you need to supplement those wonderful techniques with digital means.

In addition, the traditional tool-kits don’t help when you are prospecting. There is nothing to keep the prospective clients engaged with.  They have a piece of paper, and nuggets of self-awareness from the discovery call with you. But how do you stay in touch and help your clients along so they will book your sessions when they are ready? There is a need to go digital.

Finally, coaches never want to resort to pushy sales tactics. So regular check-ins by you through email can be perceived as intrusive. Just how many times would a client want to hear from you when they are not yet ready to commit? It looks like you are pushing for a sale. Unless you’re just sending them helpful material of course. But then, how would you personalize what you send them when your system doesn’t have the context?

Instead you want to be helpful and let the client take their own time to decide when they are ready. Clients must be willing, receptive and introspective. They should be ready to take action themselves. And you should add digital to your tool-kit.

How a Digital & Interactive Wheel of Life Helps

interactive wheel of lifeWhat if you could convert the Wheel of Life into a living and breathing coaching tool – to be used every time you engage with your clients. And something that the clients would use as a guide and reference.


An interactive Wheel of Life allows you to:

  1. Set more discovery calls because clients see value even before they book the discovery call. They get a taste of your style as soon as they fill one out.
  2. It helps you to keep clients engaged after the discovery sessions because they agree to take action on agreed goals even if they are not paying you yet. In essence, you become their accountability anchor.
  3. You can also inspire them with the wisdom of the crowd. While, everyone’s situation and goals are different, just seeing the many ways a problem can be tackled helps your clients with inspiration and motivation.

In fact, it is well proven that when clients are ready to buy, they would rather buy from someone they already trust and have a comfortable relationship with, and who already has the “context“. Who wants to start the cycle from the beginning again.

That’s exactly how Evalinator helps. Rather than just a printed form, or a static online tool, you and your clients can actually use it as a tool that promotes introspection and accountability. And as you build context and engage in a manner that yields the desired benefits to your clients, they become more likely to stay engaged.

What does an Interactive Wheel of Life look like?

interactive wheel of lifeTry out the sample Interactive Wheel of Life for yourself. Here’s one for life coaches and here’s one for business. You’ll see how this gives you powerful engagement capabilities through benchmarks and goal setting.

These are NOT just tools to generate a Wheel of Life, but they help you engage your clients even after. They become a goal setting and accountability tool.

You can customize these completely when you create your own Wheel of Life – the dimensions, your style, the colors other things. You can also host your Wheel of Life on your own website. And you can begin to capture email addresses in your own database too.

Next Steps

Sign up here for a 21 day trial period. Create your own Interactive Wheel of Life. We’ll be there to help you get it off the ground within a few short days. Image credit. Here’s a nice long article on the Wheel of Life.

See you inside!

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