Integrating Mailchimp

How to easily integrate Mailchimp with Evalinator

Mailchimp and evalinator

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing automation platforms – a perfect match with Evalinator for those looking to position expertise based services and products. With a free tier available on Mailchimp, you can get started quickly and work your way up to more advanced functionality when you need it.

You can build up your email database and also include exceptional context of your target customers into your nurturing flows and email campaigns set up in Mailchimp.

Integration is simple.

All you need are:

  1. API Key: Mailchimp will create an API key for you. See screenshot below
  2. Data center ID: This is the last 4 letters of the API key…something like “us18” Mailchimp needs it as a separate field so good to keep track of it.
  3. Audience Id: The ID of the list where you want to send new contacts. See screenshot below. Mailchimp is calling lists as Audiences these days so just go with it.

Getting the API key and data center ID:

Mailchimp api key

How to get Audience Id

Click on “Audiences” on the top menu. Then click on the Audience (or list) that you want to use, click on “Settings”, and then go to “Audience name and campaign defaults”. The Audience Id (list ID) will be on the right, in red color font.


Now that you have the API Key, the data center id, and the Audience Id (list id), there are just 2 simple data entry steps on Evalinator.

Step 1: Login to Evalinator, and then go the Manage Profile section from the top of the home page. Scroll down to the integrations sections, select “Mailchimp” from the drop down menu, and enter the API key and Datacenter ID from Mailchimp in the input boxes displayed.

Mailchimp Evalinator Settings


Step 2: The final step of the integration is from the assessment you have created. Edit your assessment, then scroll down to the integrations section, select Mailchimp, click on “Show Settings”, and then enter the Audience Id / List Id in the input box displayed. Finally, click on “Set as Provider” to make Mailchimp your designated email provider for the assessment.


Mailchimp evalinator Assessment setting


That’s all! All respondents to your Evalinator will automatically be sent to Mailchimp. Depending on your settings, a second confirmation email may be sent from Mailchimp, although Evalinator has already validated the email addresss by sending the user a confirmation code before accepting the email address.

Good luck. We are here to help you get started so just get in touch!

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