Hubspot Integration with Evalinator

Hubspot is one of the leading enterprise grade all-in-one marketing automation & CRM tool. It’s a perfect match for Evalinator.

You can turbo charge your Hubspot investment by using Evalinator and building exceptional context into your nurturing flows set up in Hubspot.

Hubspot integration with Evaliantor is very simple. We lay it all out here for you step by step. All you will need is your Hubspot login credentials so you can authorize Evalinator to send contacts to Hubspot.

Step 1: Create one custom contact property for Hubspot Integration

This custom field will tell you that a new contact has come in from Evalinator. Using this field, you can then set up dynamic lists (active lists) in Hubspot and engage with respondents through appropriate email nurturing flows.

Click on contacts:


Then click  on Edit Properties on the right.


Then set up a field called “Integration Source“. Make sure that the internal name is “integration_source“. Evalinator will populate this field with the value “Evalinator” when it sends a new contact to Hubspot. Choose the group for this new property as “Contact Information


On the next page, you can just set the field type as “single line text“, accept the other default values, and click “Create”.


That’s it! Most of the “doing” is over.

Step 2: Now Authorize Hubspot.

Log on to Evalinator and click on “Manage Profile” on the top.


Next, scroll down to the “Email Provider or CRM settings”.


Choose Hubspot from the drop down, and click on “Show Settings“. You will see the “Integration Source” field that you created before.

If you have not created the custom field already, please go ahead and do it now. That’s because during the authorization process, Evalinator will attempt to create a sample contact in Hubspot. And it will fail if the custom property has not been set up.


Once you click “Authorize Evalinator”, you will redirected to your Hubspot login screen.


Use the login mechanism you use generally. You will see your Hubspot account and application listed. Please click your application, and then click “Authorize”. If everything goes well, you will see the Confirmation screen from Evalinator.


Just to make sure, log back into your Hubspot account, and check the list of contacts. You should see a sample Evalinator contact created for you.


And that’s all! Your Hubspot instance has been integrated with Evalinator. Every time a new respondent takes your assessment, we will send that contact over to Hubspot for you to nurture then as you see appropriate. If a contact already exists in Hubspot, it will not be recreated so you don’t have to worry!

Quick note on GDPR Compliance

If you currently have a process in Hubspot to manage GDPR regulations, then you can easily include Evalinator in it. Compliance is easy. Just log on to Evalinator, and let us know which contact to remove. We’ll keep the aggregated data and summary statistics the same, but enable you to comply with the regulations.

Good luck with your lead generation and customer engagement. For any questions, please get in touch with us.

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