Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator

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Your email list is often your only way to communicate with your prospects and customers. And you are probably already using an email providers such as MailChimp or ConvertKit.

Evalinator not only helps build up your list, but also takes your email personalization to a whole new level. And that means more engagement!

evalinator email marketing automation

Evalinator connects with major email marketing platforms such as Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, MailChimp etc., and the list is growing everyday.

Here are some ways you might set up different kinds of emails in your email provider.

  1. Welcome emails: When someone submits responses to your Evalinator and provides their email address, Evalinator submits a validated email address to the specific contact list you designate. That means that you do not have to verify the email address again, and can trigger the welcome email from your systems immediately. Welcome emails can tell customers more about what your assessment is all about, and what to expect in the days and weeks ahead.
  2. Drip Campaigns: Often, experts have already written blogs on the various topics they cover in their Evalinator. These can then be sent as a weekly drip to the respondents. Or you can include them in an existing drip campaign or email course you may have already set up.
  3. Periodic Triggered emails: Your Evalinator is always changing as more people take the assessments. The graphs and charts on you Evalinator refresh themselves automatically. That means that respondents have more insights into benchmark information and their overall rankings as more people respond to your assessment. This also means that you have a treasure trove of statistics at your disposal. Because of this you earn the right to initiate a touch-point with the respondents every time a few more people have responded. You can simply set up an email mentioning the new statistics and trigger the emails to the entire list again.
  4. Goal setting emails: The purpose of your Evalinator is to help people with the hope that they see the value of a relationship with you, and then end up buying the services that you are offering. And to build up that relationship towards that conversion, you will help them achieve their goals. For example, someone who responded to “How good is my SEO program?” may want to improve their website content. This becomes a goal that you work with them on, and such emails can be triggered every time you set up a goal for them, and at regular intervals. Evalinator will tell you when a goal has been updated by your respondents.

We hope this gets you thinking about some common and powerful ways you can leverage your email automation software.

Get started today with Evalinator. We are still in Beta, so submit your request for an invitation here. And to see if you are a fit for Evalinator, assess that for your yourself right here.

See our growing list of integrations here. And if you use a platform that is not listed here, just let us know and we’ll connect it for you!