Integrating ConvertKit

How to integrate Evalinator with ConvertKit

ConvertKit plus Evalinator

ConvertKit plus EvalinatorIf you use ConvertKit, congratulations! It’s a next generation system that keeps it simple for authors and experts – a perfect match for Evalinator.

Integration is simple.

You will need:

1. API Key – Available from the account menu after you are logged in to ConvertKit

2. Form Id – It’s advisable to create a new form on ConvertKit so all your email addresses from Evalinator are segmented and separate. This will be useful to generate communications as you work with the Evalinator users on their goals. The form id can be found by clicking on your form in ConvertKit, then clicking on the “embed” menu on the top, and then clicking on the “WordPress” tab. Copy the form id from the shortcode displayed.

Here’s the 2-step integration with Evalinator:

  1. Login to Evalinator, and then go the Manage Profile section from the top of the home page. Scroll down to the integrations sections, select “ConvertKit” from the drop down menu, and enter the API key from ConvertKit in the input box displayed.

The final step of the integration is from the assessment you have created. Edit your assessment, then scroll down to the integrations section, select ConvertKit, click on “Show Settings”, and then enter the Form Id in the input box displayed. Finally, click on “Set as Provider” to make ConvertKit your preferred email provider for the assessment.

ConvertKit intgeration form id

That’s all! All respondents to your Evalinator will automatically be sent to ConvertKit. Depending on your settings, a second confirmation email may be sent from ConvertKit, although Evalinator has already validated the email addresss by sending the user a confirmation code before accepting the email address.

Good luck.

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