4 Wheel of Life Template Variations for Coaches

wheel of life with overall score

In addition to the traditional Wheel of Life template, in this post we’ll show you a few different useful variations you can create online without having to print paper wheels. Create them easily on Evalinator, and get started! A Wheel of Life is a great tool for coaches to engage clients with self-introspection and guidance … Continue reading “4 Wheel of Life Template Variations for Coaches”

Options and Settings For Your Assessment

evalinator options settings

You can customize and tailor your assessment to provide an optimal experience to your respondents. Since Evalinator aims to offer you a lot of control in how you can configure your assessment, we often preset these settings with “most expected values”.  For example, for “Personality” type assessments, the question by question analysis section on the … Continue reading “Options and Settings For Your Assessment”

Setting Up a Custom Wheel of Life

Interactive assessment - wheel of life

If you are a coach or a consultant, then a Wheel of Life is an excellent tool to have your clients see where they stand on multiple dimensions of their life or business. That awareness becomes the first step towards making changes and / or improving. You can use a Wheel of Life as a … Continue reading “Setting Up a Custom Wheel of Life”

Interactive Wheel of Life for Coaches!

Interactive assessment - wheel of life

As a coach you help your clients explore and come up with the answers. A great tool to enable this is the “Wheel of Life“. Limited time special offer – 50% off – Sign up here to create your own Interactive Wheel of Life! A Wheel of Life has multiple dimensions that clients assess themselves … Continue reading “Interactive Wheel of Life for Coaches!”



Integrations available with major email marketing platforms. More being added regularly.

How to Embed Your Assessment on Your Own Website

If you have a website, you will most likely want to have users visit your website to interact with the assessment, instead of clearly seeing that they are on www.evalinator.com.   Doing that is simple. It’s the same as how you will embed a YouTube video into your webpage. All you have to do is to: … Continue reading “How to Embed Your Assessment on Your Own Website”