Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator


Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator

Your email list is often your only way to communicate with your prospects and customers. And you are probably already using email providers such as MailChimp or ConvertKit. Evalinator not only helps build up your list, but also takes your email personalization to a whole new level. And that means more engagement! Evalinator connects with … Continue reading "Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator"

How to Integrate Evalinator Using Zapier

Evalinator is on Zapier! Your assessments are very easy to integrate. This gives you the ability to connect to a large spectrum of tools and systems in Zapier’s ecosystem. For example, when an assessment is taken you may want to send the data to your email marketing system, capture it in a spreadsheet, and so … Continue reading "How to Integrate Evalinator Using Zapier"

Integrating Constant Contact With Evalinator

How to easily integrate Constant Contact with Evalinator

MailerLite Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing

MailerLite integration with Evalinator is a breeze. In just a couple of minutes you will be ready to send prospects who take an assessment on Evalinator to MailerLite. A custom field will be flagged so you can then define the automation you like. For example, you can create a series of emails with helpful information … Continue reading "MailerLite Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing"

Integrating ActiveCampaign

How to easily integrate ActiveCampaign with Evalinator

Hubspot Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing

In this post we will outline the steps needed for Hubspot Integration with Evalinator. Hubspot is the leading enterprise-grade, all-in-one marketing automation & CRM tool. It has exceptional lead scoring and nurturing management capabilities. These capabilities are nicely complimented by Evalinator which enables you to connect the efforts of the marketing team (lead generation & … Continue reading "Hubspot Integration – Better Lead Generation & Nurturing"

List of Integrations For your Assessment on Evalinator

Integrations available with major email marketing platforms. More being added regularly.

Integrating ConvertKit

How to integrate Evalinator with ConvertKit

Integrating Mailchimp

How to easily integrate Mailchimp with Evalinator