Interactive Wheel of Life for Coaches!

Interactive assessment - wheel of life

As a coach you help your clients explore and come up with the answers. A great tool to enable this is the “Wheel of Life“. Limited time special offer – 50% off – Sign up here to create your own Interactive Wheel of Life! A Wheel of Life has multiple dimensions that clients assess themselves … Continue reading “Interactive Wheel of Life for Coaches!”

4 Types of Interactive Assessments You Should Consider

Interactive Assessments

Interactive Assessments can be of multiple types. Here is a quick summary of the 4 basic types of interactive assessments that you can create with Evalinator. What are interactive assessments? Let’s quickly get this out of the way. Interactive assessments make your customer engagement dynamic in several ways. First, they help your clients and prospects … Continue reading “4 Types of Interactive Assessments You Should Consider”

Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator

interactive assessment - email marketing automation

Your email list is often your only way to communicate with your prospects and customers. And you are probably already using an email providers such as MailChimp or ConvertKit. Evalinator not only helps build up your list, but also takes your email personalization to a whole new level. And that means more engagement! Evalinator connects … Continue reading “Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator”

Are you ready for Evalinator?

How many times have you been attracted by a shiny new thing, spent days and weeks on it, and then given up because you finally realized it wasn’t right for you, or that you simply weren’t ready to make the best use of it. We’ve been there. And we realized that no software can get … Continue reading “Are you ready for Evalinator?”

Your 10 Step Guide – Go Live with Your Interactive Assessment!

Interactive assessment - get started with Evalinator

Congratulations on getting started with your interactive assessment on Evalinator! This guide will help you channel your expertise into an interactive assessment which will serve as an evergreen content marketing asset. ¬†We are laying out 10 steps for you in this guide. Do these systematically, and you will have your target users engaging with your … Continue reading “Your 10 Step Guide – Go Live with Your Interactive Assessment!”