Setting Up Incentives to Promote Your Assessment


Setting Up Incentives to Promote Your Assessment

Your Evalinator assessment is an excellent lead magnet by itself. It provides immediate value to the visitors coming to  your website. It appeals to the inquisitive side of of people’s emotions, and positions your expertise well. It build trust and  confidence as your prospects and clients decide who is right for them. And now, here … Continue reading "Setting Up Incentives to Promote Your Assessment"

Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator

Your email list is often your only way to communicate with your prospects and customers. And you are probably already using email providers such as MailChimp or ConvertKit. Evalinator not only helps build up your list, but also takes your email personalization to a whole new level. And that means more engagement! Evalinator connects with … Continue reading "Integrating email marketing automation with Evalinator"

How to Integrate Evalinator Using Zapier

Evalinator is on Zapier! Your assessments are very easy to integrate. This gives you the ability to connect to a large spectrum of tools and systems in Zapier’s ecosystem. For example, when an assessment is taken you may want to send the data to your email marketing system, capture it in a spreadsheet, and so … Continue reading "How to Integrate Evalinator Using Zapier"

How to Set up Scoring or Rating Bands for Your Assessment

In Evalinator, every interactive assessment is ultimately a series of questions. Each question has multiple response options with points assigned. At the end of the assessment, the goal for most of you is to calculate the total score of the respondents and place them in one or more predefined rating scales. Note: This does not … Continue reading "How to Set up Scoring or Rating Bands for Your Assessment"

Question Types & Scoring for Your Interactive Assessment

Evalinator provides you with a lot of flexibility and scoring options for your interactive assessment or quiz.  You also have different types of assessments and option settings available to you. In this article we’ll review the different question types and scoring methodologies available to you. Several combinations are possible using these scoring options below. Single … Continue reading "Question Types & Scoring for Your Interactive Assessment"

Options and Settings For Your Assessment

You can customize and tailor your assessment to provide an optimal experience to your respondents. Since Evalinator aims to offer you a lot of control in how you can configure your assessment, we often preset these settings with “most expected values”.  For example, for “Personality” type assessments, the question by question analysis section on the … Continue reading "Options and Settings For Your Assessment"

Customizing the Colors for Your Interactive Assessment on Evalinator

Before publishing, you’ll likely want to customize the colors you use in your assessment so that they match with the branding of your website or logo. Evalinator allows you to do just that. In this post we’ll highlight the steps you should take and some gotchas as you start with this process. RGB or Hex … Continue reading "Customizing the Colors for Your Interactive Assessment on Evalinator"

4 Types of Interactive Assessments to Consider

Interactive Assessments can be of multiple types. Here is a quick summary of the 4 basic types of interactive assessments that you can create with Evalinator or you can choose wheel of life template from 4 different types. What are interactive assessments? Let’s quickly get this out of the way. Interactive assessments make your customer … Continue reading "4 Types of Interactive Assessments to Consider"

How to Embed Your Assessment on Your Own Website

If you have a website, you will most likely want to have users visit your website to interact with the assessment, instead of clearly seeing that they are on   Doing that is simple. It’s the same as how you will embed a YouTube video into your webpage. All you have to do is to: … Continue reading "How to Embed Your Assessment on Your Own Website"

A Worthy Addition to Your Marketing Toolkit?

The right marketing toolkit is critical to growth. How many times have you been attracted by shiny new tools, spent days and weeks on them, before you finally realized they weren’t right for you, or that you simply weren’t ready to make the best use of them. Email automation, advanced web analytics, customer journey analysis, … Continue reading "A Worthy Addition to Your Marketing Toolkit?"