4 Wheel of Life Template Variations for Coaches

Here are 4 nice variations of the Wheel of Life template. You don’t have to print paper wheels. Just create them online and engage clients digitally.

wheel of life with overall score

In addition to the traditional Wheel of Life template, in this post we’ll show you a few different useful variations you can create online without having to print paper wheels. Create them easily on Evalinator, and get started!

A Wheel of Life is a great tool for coaches to engage clients with self-introspection and guidance to meet their goals. Whether you are a life, business, career, or leadership coach, a Wheel of Life allows your clients to take that critical first step of getting to understand where they are. Self awareness enables everything else. It also builds trust.

Evalinator allows you to create a custom Wheel of Life which is also fully interactive. That means no more printing out paper wheels and asking clients to fill out paper based questionnaires. You can respond much faster, be more responsive, and create an accountability framework in a way that is very personal.

Here are a couple of variations of the traditional Wheel of Life template that Evalinator enables you with.

1. Wheel of Life with Primary Questions

This is the traditional template. Each question corresponds to a category or axis on the wheel. For examples, you may have 1 question for career, 1 for family, 1 for entertainment and so on.

These are suited for very open ended conversations where the focus is on broad self awareness and introspection. This is easiest to set up, and the differentiation really comes from the way you coach and engage with your clients.

Interactive assessment - wheel of life

2. Wheel of Life with Dimensions

Some coaches want to get a little more detailed than the previous type allows. Evalinator allows them to create multiple questions under the same category or axis. This template allows for a score that is rolled up to each dimension. For example, you may have 3 questions under career, 3 under family and so on. Your users see one score for each category, but they can respond in a much more granular fashion.

Since this Wheel of Life template needs more time from users to fill out, it may be more suited for existing clients, or for prospective clients who are already engaged with you and looking for more. However, this template can also establish you as an authority because it appears to be much more detailed.

Moreover, if you have questions can address more than one dimension, you can easily tag them as such.

map question to dimensions

3. Wheel of Life with an Overall Score

In the scenario that you want to provide a “holistic” score to your clients  in addition to a wheel of life, you can choose to roll up the various category or axis scores into an overall score.

This can be a very useful way to track overall progress, especially if all the different dimensions of your wheel of life template can all be grown in the same way. For example, for a business coach, you may want to grow multiple skills which your Wheel of Life measures.

Even if the different axis of your Wheel of Life can’t be improved at the same rate (e.g. career ambition versus free time), even then you may want to provide a “holistic score” to your clients.

wheel of life with overall score

4. Wheel of Life with Benchmarks

This is another powerful template where you can motivate or guide your respondents with benchmarks. This doesn’t work in all cases but for some scenarios such as business or career coaching, showing your clients how they benchmark vis-a-vis their peers can be a powerful self awareness tool.

For example, during career coaching, you can highlight how people overall in a particular industry or profession are performing. This can lead to motivated and enlightened goal setting.

The figure below shows benchmarking within an industry. You can add additional dimensions too. For business these could be profession, career stage etc.

Showing benchmarking is of course a little tricky for coaches so should be used carefully, and only if it makes sense.

wheel of life with benchmarks


We covered a few custom Wheel of Life templates so you can truly leverage interactive content and personalize your client relationships even more.

Being digital no longer means having to be aloof. Now you can respond quickly, and engage your clients in new and more powerful ways.

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