3 Simple Steps To Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Generate more traffic

Tired of top 25 or top 50 tips to generate more traffic that expect you to be a superhero?

Generate more traffic

Let’s face it. You need results NOW. You don’t want a management consulting slide deck that outlines a strategy that is simply not feasible – not everyone can guest post, or create multiple landing pages, do keyword research or build a community, create a content calendar, post on social everyday, or even spend more time on extensive SEO which won’t yield results in the short term.

So we wrote this post intending to help our customers (of Evalinator) who have low website traffic and are worried that no one sees their work of art – their assessment! So what would be the point?

Here are the 3 simple things you can do to generate more traffic and make sure its relevant. These steps don’t require a lot of prep. To be fair, you should also be doing other things which will make your website attractive in the long term (like all the things in the top 25 lists).

Your Goals
  1. Generate more traffic to your website
  2. Get people to do something meaningful that matters to your business (relevant traffic)

Remember, your goal is sales, NOT marketing!

Tip 1: Advertise

Advertise - generate more trafficRegardless of what anyone tells you, everyone is advertising to generate more traffic and build awareness. Once you have it you can slow down but it’s a great way to start.

You need to advertise sensibly and watch your expenses. Most Evalinator customers are either coaches or consultants. So Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook work best for them. Google and others are good too. Whatever you decide is good for you, start small because you are looking for “relevant” traffic that will take meaningful action.

Create a simple picture advt and include your value proposition in an easy to understand manner. Select your audience carefully (all platforms allow you to target your advts), and test with a low budget of say $10 or $20 per day on ONE platform. Don’t start all platforms at the same time. You just want a few people right now as you test this out and make sure people who click will convert or take meaningful action like taking your assessment that you have built using Evalinator, or download your eBook etc.

Remember, your goal is sales, NOT marketing!

So no gimmicks. Stick to a good, easy to understand value prop. Don’t be too broad in your offer – e.g. “improve sales” may attract a lot of people but most will bounce off and won’t do anything because they may not relate to what you do. Instead we did something like “Have you added interactive assessments to your content marketing toolkit yet?” and found it was a better way for us. Or even better, include some results from your Evalinator “60% feel unrecognized at work. See what you can do about it?” was what one of our customers did, and she linked the Advt to her landing page. We are going to try that next.

Create a nice professional profile on the platform you are advertising on. A smiling picture with a professional background and a simple description of what you do (stay away from politics and activism unless that’s what you do). It’s amazing how so many people try to bring “personality” into their profile and end up making it look unappealing (risky) to someone new who is going to spend money for your services or products.

2. Analyze 

Generate more traffic - analyzeHopefully you will generate more traffic and get a few people to click through to your website by advertising. Now install Google Analytics (its free and takes 2-3 hours to setup and learn the basics), and see what’s going on. Are visitors just bouncing off (clicking on your advt but not doing anything else), are they clicking to the next step or looking at your profile, are they taking and completing your assessment, what else are they clicking and reading?

You may be getting 4-10 people every day with a $10-$20 budget but that’s good enough to see what’s going on over a period of 8-10 days. We ourselves saw these things a) people coming and doing nothing else 2) coming to the pricing page and then not following through 3) reading some of our blogs but then not doing anything else

Be realistic when you generate more traffic: With good targeting, 1-3% people typically convert. So expect 1 or 2 new customers (or conversions) in 4-6 days with this low budget. If you are not getting that, then analyze, analyze, analyze, and be truthful to yourself. When we say customers, we mean conversions to your offer – people who take your assessment for example, or download an eBook. They may not be paying you yet. That’s a whole different ball game.

3. Prepare

Generate more traffic - prepareThis could have been the first step but it’s actually continuous. So best to get started first and not lose yourself in over-analysis.

And now that you have seen a little traffic, and seen what the people do when they click on your advt, you may be both excited and disappointed at what you have seen.

At this time, it’s really up to you. You know your business best. Gimmicks won’t help.

First, take a hard look and pretend to be in your customer’s shoes.

  • Would you convert if you landed on your website?
  • What would you lose by not converting?
  • Is your offer clear enough?
  • Does it promise short term gains or a long term gain?
  • Does it look like too much to do?
  • Do customers have other, easier alternatives? What’s wrong with them?

The answers will be painful, and will need both thinking and hands-on work.

What we did was we reviewed our journey personally with a few target customers (and even our friends) and got direct feedback on what they felt.

It was crushing! But good learning. You may feel you are doing everything for nothing. But simple things will help.

If you can then:

  1. Add a few testimonials (even 2 or 3 will help)
  2. Simplify your message
  3. Improve the design to make it more professional
  4. Write a couple of nice content pieces so even if people don’t convert immediately, they will read those and build confidence in you

Don’t go overboard with changes unless a few real prospective customers give you the feedback.

People who are never going to buy from you have an uncanny knack of giving a lot of feedback that is not actually useful.

We improved our assessment (Is Evalinator Right For You?) because the description and call to action was not persuasive enough. Our rating bands are still bad actually so that’s next on our list. We improved the questions which were too generic and difficult to understand.

People like simplicity. But because we are experts we tend to make things more complicated than they are.

We also improved the targeting of our advts. Remember, your end goal is sales, not marketing! So put your advertising on hold for a few days as you fix the issues, and then start again. Don’t give up!


Hopefully this gave you motivation to keep going. Don’t give up! It’s not complex but just needs a little bit of love. If there is demand for what you offer, you’ll make it through!

If you intend to make a living with your service or product, then don’t be afraid to experiment a little, and invest a little (sensibly). You’re not betting a lot using the approach we outlined above. We feel it’s better than spending sleepless nights, and long hours tweaking your stuff without any feedback on what’s working and what’s not!

But you know your business best. So decide based on what you think will work, not just rely on our tips.

Good luck. We are rooting for you!