An Attractive Offer

This is a sample. This could be a free discovery session, an ebook that you wrote, a special discount on your packages or anything else. Make it your own, and make it special.

Self Assessment

Note: This is a sample assessment for you to see how Evalinator works. There is no life coach managing this.

Action must start with awareness. A wheel of life is a powerful way to diagnose your satisfaction with the various facets of your life. This tool is often used by coaches when they work with you.

The facets of your life may not be balanced. Sometimes the imbalance is temporary. But sometimes you may want to consciously take action and bring them in balance. For example, ignoring personal fun for career growth may be ok for a limited period, but for most people, things need to change before it becomes the new normal.

Take this diagnostic to explore for yourself. There is not right or wrong. Just be yourself, and be honest. You are doing this for yourself.