Your business is a machine with many parts. All parts must remain in balance so the machine performs optimally.

Here is a Wheel of Business that will help you assess your satisfaction with the different dimensions. And then take action.

Marketing, profitability, revenue, employee satisfaction, customer service etc. are all important things. But too often, they are out of balance with each other. For example, if you focus on revenue, you might not be able to focus as much on employee satisfaction, or if you focus on marketing, you might end up affecting profitability.

This wheel of Business gets you started with a quick self-diagnosis of how you are doing along the key dimensions. It answers 2 questions:

1. Are you Balanced?

2. Do you feel the need for improvement?

The Wheel of Business does not judge. It just gives you a foundation to build on.


Interactive assessments for experts. Sell and engage like an expert should. Generate more leads and upgrade every customer touchpoint into a conversation.