Connect your customer engagement lifecycle and rise above the noise. Evalinator is a platform for expertise based businesses to create a shared vision with their clients. In doing do, they can activate high engagement and drive growth through win-win relationships.

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Experts sell and market their services based on their expertise. They need to engage customers differently in addition to the endless cycle of generating and blasting out new content often.

Evalinator is meant to solve this problem for experts - consultants, agencies, and coaches in any field of work.

If that is you, take this 5 minute assessment to see if Evalinator can help you:

  1. Leverage your thought leadership and expertise to its full potential.
  2. Actively engage your audience.
  3. Acquire and upsell customers by helping them meet their goals.

Take the first step with this Evalinator we created just for you! There are 5 dimensions to the assessment:

  • 1.

    Customers: Segmenting and knowing your customers

  • 2.

    Product / Service: The expertise quotient of your product or service

  • 3.

    Content Marketing: Rise above the mad rush for static content

  • 4.

    Retention: Engaging with customer success in mind

  • 5.

    Sales: Consulting and advising, not just selling.

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