Interactive content & assessments for experts

Sell and engage like an expert should. Generate more leads and upgrade each customer touchpoint into a conversation.

Create Evergreen Interactive Content

Tired of the endless cycle of generating eBooks, blogs and newsletters? Instead convert your expertise into evergreen interactive content. Allow your thought leadership to build deep, long term relationships.

Maximize Lead Conversions

Eliminate guess work by using interactive content to engage directly with customers' goals. Customers want to know what they can do better. Let your experts help customers with their goals and close more deals!

Interactive Content Marketing

Turbocharge your static content. Create interactive content that your sales team and clients will love. The perfect customer engagement tool that improves with every interaction!

Save Big on Marketing Spend

Engage customers with benchmark data without spending thousands to buy canned research. Educate clients with detailed and valuable analytics on their segment. All built right in to Evalinator.

How it works

Just 3 simple steps. Try it. You’ll never go back.

1.First Start
With A Model
Simply organize your content and expertise as an interactive content model. We will help.
2.Create And Sculpt
Your Evalinator
Make your model operational - add questions, images, giveaways and define the scoring bands.
3.Engage Your Audience
& Grow!
Reach out to your audience and help them set and meet their goals. Be the partner they'll trust to do business with.


Effortless Sales Followup & Lead Nurturing

Position Your Insights & Expertise
As an expert, static website copy can only do so much for you. Interactive content will engage your customers with live insights and benchmarks they'll love! Your customers will appreciate data about their relative performance, what factors are important, and how they can improve.

You can choose the dimensions that are right for your business and your customers. Then you can provide them with real benchmarks in their own segment - a personalized, powerful and interactive customer engagement technique.

Personalized Sales Followup
No more just "checking in". You have a lot to offer as an expert. Customers tend to engage and buy from those who understand their goals and have built up trust.

Interactive content and assessments give your sales-cycle a boost by helping customers reach their goals without coming across as too pushy. This is a big step up from periodic newsletters and "just checking in".

Every question allows you to propose and set goals that are relevant and can help the customers see the true value you can bring to them. And as they see that value, they start trusting you.

Activate Your Marketing Automation
Connect your interactive assessment to your favorite marketing automation provider, and say goodbye to generic email newsletters. Adopt interactive content!

Customize your nurturing flows based on exactly what your customers want and expect. Personalize by using data from the assessment such as scores and question responses.

Align your outreach with your marketing and sales funnel. Anticipate objections and gently engage your prospects through practical tips and benchmark data.

Create an Evergreen Content Calendar
A targeted and relevant content calendar is what most marketers and sales persons want. Now your interactive content and assessment can solve that problem of evergreen content!

Every question and every response to your assessment creates insight that is worth at least an evergreen blog post. Customers love it because its directly relevant to them.

You can aggregate response data and convert them into infographics, talk about what kinds of goals are being set and publish benchmarks.

Build Your Email List
Add a gate that requests email addresses of respondents. Make it optional or keep it mandatory.

Incentivize users with an offer of sending them additional details such as benchmarking or Question by Question analysis.

When prospects expect something that can be helpful to them they generally have no problem providing their email address. And you know you can uphold that trust because your followups will never be generic!

Supercharge Your Lead Magnets
Use your existing lead magnets or offer a personalized readout of your interactive assessment as an effective promotion.

As an expert, you have a lot to offer than the impersonal downloads that are often used as lead magnets.

Engage prospects through a discovery or workshop offer if that's right for your business, or simply build trust to advance to the next stage in the sales cycle. The insights and benchmark information you have from the interactive assessment are powerful topics that will result in high conversion rates. That's the power of interactive content.

Match Your Branding
Customize to match the branding of your business - colors, logo, images. Embed your interactive assessment on your own website. In short, make Evalinator your own so your customers have a consistent experience with your interactive content and your brand.
Image Questions & Responses
You can add images to have your interactive assessment present a great experience. Add images and color to questions, and also have each response you present as an image for respondents to choose.
Many Question Types
Select from multiple choice, single select or horizontal slider type questions to get the fine tuned experience you need for your interactive assessment. There are also proportional grading questions so respondents can get partial credit for their responses.
Mobile Ready
Rest assured that your interactive assessment will work on mobile, web, tablets and anywhere else your customers are. We regularly test and support multiple kinds of browsers and devices.
Sequence your pages as you like
Collect profile information upfront or at the end. Same for registration information. Re-sequence individual questions in any order to build a natural flow and rhythm for your interactive content.
Keep your Data Private
We understand your need for confidentiality. Your data is not shared with any one else. Each customer's data is also visible only to them and you.

Choose an Interactive Assessment That's Right For You

Transform your prospect and customer engagement using actionable and practical interactive content

Scored Interactive Assessment
This is a well known but powerful interactive assessment that offers a great way to engage on most sales offers.

Respondents will answer a series of questions and will receive a total score. Based on that total score, they will be mapped to a rating scale.

You can configure the range for each rating scale, and help each respondent improve upon their current status through targeted goal setting.

Personality Assessment
This is a special type of a quiz that does not focus on helping prospects and clients on the quiz topic itself, but focuses on self introspection, and improving outcomes. For example, what’s your style of leadership, what kind of social work may suit you best, or what’s your learning style?

You can then stay top-of-mind of your prospects by helping them achieve their goals with personalized advice. It's a powerful way to help your clients tap into their inner strenths.

A personality assessment can also be combined with any of the industry standard assessments such as Myers-Briggs assessment!

Interactive Wheel of Life
Very popular with coaches, this interactive assessment type focuses on self-introspection and being accountable for your goals.

For example, life, business, management, or career coaches may use this as they help prospects and clients balance multiple aspects of life such as family, career, social relationships etc.

You have 2 choices for your Wheel of Life. Either have the scores be shown per question, or roll up multiple questions into dimensions!

Multi-Dimensional Interactive Assessment
This special type of interactive assessment is for experts who would like to combine multiple strategic areas of a topic which are actually separate interactive assessments in their own right.

Your customers can rate themselves on each of these areas, and see their results in a radar chart.

A multi-dimnensional interactive assessment takes time to build but Evalinator can roll up multiple assessments so all you need to do is to get started with one dimension at a time!

Try it! Take An Interactive Assessment Out For A Spin.

What's Your Sales Personality?
While personalities are generally intrinsic, your respondents can set goals after they assess themselves to improve their performance - with your guidance.
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Assess your social selling quotient
Your users will respond to this assessment and then you can guide them along a journey towards meeting their goals. Set actionable next steps to move the dialog forward.
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Multi-Dimensional Assessment
As an expert, you often assess your clients on multiple dimensions. Roll those individual assessments into a cohesive whole!
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Your Wheel of Life
A wheel of life is a powerful way to diagnose your satisfaction with the various facets of your life. This tool is often used by coaches.
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Your Wheel of Business
A variation of the wheel of life, see how business and career coaches can create an assessment that applies the concept to business themes.
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Your Content Marketing Superpower
This is for both sales or marketing. Content marketing draws prospects in and also builds trust. See where you stand vis-a-vis your peers.
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Is Evalinator Right For You

A simple self-assessment to check if Evalinator will be suitable for you

98% Say Evalinator Can Help
If you are still unable to decide, use this self-assessment to gain a little more insight. Evalinator works for new prospects as well as for growing existing accounts.

As you take this assessment, think about how you can use this to position your own expertise. And what kind of an incentive you might provide to encourage your customers to respond.

On the results page you will see how you can qualify and nurture your customers contextually and effortlessly using goal setting.

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