Interactive assessments for experts

Sell and engage like an expert should. Generate more leads and upgrade each customer touchpoint into a conversation.

Is Evalinator Right For You?
Create Evergreen Content

Tired of the endless cycle of generating eBooks, blogs and newsletters? Instead convert your existing static content into evergreen interactive content. Allow your thought leadership to build deep, long term relationships.

Maximize Lead Conversions

Eliminate guess work and mass marketing by engaging directly with your customers' goals. Every customer wants to know what they can do to get better towards their ambitions. As an expert, help customers assess themselves and make progress towards their goals - a win-win!

Let Your Expertise Shine

Evalinator turbocharges your assessments (think quizzes ++) with analytics and data! Customer can't wait to find out how they compare and how they can improve. Use it as a lead magnet, or as a customer engagement and education tool. It improves with every interaction!

Save Big on Marketing Spend

Engage customers with benchmark data without spending hundreds or thousands on research. Educate them with detailed and valuable analytics of their segment. All built right in to Evalinator.

Take Evalinator for a Spin

You'll notice a common theme - each assessment is actionable and packed with data. It's not just a toy that simply ends with a score.
As an expert, that next step is what you need to engage with your customers.

What's Your Sales Personality?
While personalities are generally intrinsic, your respondents can set goals after they assess themselves to improve their performance - with your guidance.
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Assess your social selling quotient
Your users will respond to this assessment and then you can guide them along a journey towards meeting their goals. Set actionable next steps to move the dialog forward.
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Multi-Dimensional Assessment
As an expert, you often assess your clients on multiple dimensions. Roll those individual assessments into a cohesive whole!
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How it works

Just 3 simple steps. Try it. You’ll never go back.

1.First Start
With A Model
Simply organize your content and expertise as an assessment model. We will help.
2.Create And Sculpt
Your Evalinator
Make your model operational - add questions, images, giveaways and define the scoring bands.
3.Engage Your Audience
& Grow!
Reach out to your audience and help them set and meet their goals. Be the partner they'll trust to do business with.

Advanced Customization
Customize with your own branding - colors, logo, images. Embed Evalinator on your own website. In short, make Evalinator your own so your customers have a consistent experience with you and your brand.
Different Types of Assessments
Create a personality quiz (e.g. What kind of a marketer or leader are you?) or a regular quiz (How good are your Demand Generation skills?). Engage your customers in different ways. Reuse your content.
Multi-Dimensional Assessments
Your customers' problems are not one-dimensional and neither should your assessment be. Design your assessment with multiple dimensions that contribute to a customer's overall score.
Mobile Ready
Rest assured that your assessments will work on mobile, web, tablets and anywhere else your customers are. We regularly test and support multiple kinds of browsers and devices.
Connect to Your Email Provider
As customers take your assessment, send their email address straight to your email list. As of now we support Active Campaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Infusion Soft. If your provider isn't listed, let us know and we'll build it just for you!
Keep your Data Private
We understand your need for confidentiality. Your data is not shared with any one else. Each customer's data is also visible only to them and you.
Segment By Custom Profile Fields
Segmentation is important. Set up optional and custom profile fields that are right for your business. These profile fields will be selected by your customers so you can provide them with benchmarks in their own segment - a personalized and powerful customer engagement technique.
Sequence your pages as you like
Collect profile information upfront or at the end. Same for registration information. Re-sequence the individual questions in any order you like to build a more natural flow and rhythm.
Engage customers with goals
Once your customers have taken your assessment you can engage them 1-1 with specific goals that work for their situation. Have them set goals, or make it even easier by setting goals yourself for them. Use benchmark information available in Evalinator to enhance this process. This gives you the valuable touchpoints you need to move your conversations along.

We are here to help!
Sometimes packaging up your content into an assessment model is not so easy. Two heads are better than one! We are here to help. We'll look at your content and provide you with suggestions on how you can build your Evalinator - purpose, dimensions, questions, rating bands etc. This service is complimentary to all our customers at this time.